Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dating Columnist Orit Arfa XI The asking should occur either in person or over the phone, sometimes over e-mail, rarely over Facebook, and never over text.

Dating Columnist Orit Arfa X Dec. 28, 2009, I interviewed Jewish Journal singles columnist Orit Arfa about her new book on the tests women give men. The Game: Inside the Secret Society of Pickup

Dating Columnist Orit Arfa VII Dec. 28, 2009, I purposefully put my bed by the bathroom door because the feng shui experts said this was the best way to stay chaste.

Dating Columnist Orit Arfa IX There is an act that seems to require more courage from men than asking a boss for a raise, than changing a career path, or even than fighting in a war. It is

Dating Columnist Orit Arfa VIII It doesn’t have to be money. It can be his confidence, his positivity, his values, the way he treats a woman, the strength he projects. If hot women, and you want hot

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dating Columnist Orit Arfa VI We had lots of moths flying through the hovel and chirping crickets, which I fended off with my bare hands so Orit would feel safe.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Writing Teacher Terrie Silverman IX You get pegged really early about whether you are pretty or not. Then you’re really conscious of what the pretty girls have. And yes, now I find out that they had eat

Writing Teacher Terrie Silverman VIII Writing became the focus of my life, without donuts. I ended up going to grad school. I was like the crippled girl getting to work. I got straight As at grad school.

Writing Teacher Terrie Silverman VII Didn’t want to finish it. I was about to crinkle it up and throw it in the trash and he made me read what I had. And then he said, isn’t that interesting? He found something.

Writing Teacher Terrie Silverman VI I adored my father. I just wanted to get to know him. I always thought of him as my prince. I could only see him summers. I’d spend all year looking forward to seeing

Writing Teacher Terrie Silverman II I was the new kid in school. I always felt like a martian, being Jewish, having a divorced parent, no brothers and sisters. I though this is going to be make me more

Writing Teacher Terrie Silverman IV I had this great group. It was the funnest time of my life. The most social time at such a pivotal age. Then Liz and I both loved Allen and then Allen picked Liz. I

Writing Teacher Terrie Silverman III Even though I adored my father, I didn’t want to tell anyone. I found that all I had to say when anyone asked about my father was, They’re divorced and then no more

Friday, December 4, 2009

Luke Ford's Fantasy Girl I met Jane at UCLA in the fall of 1988. I was an atheistic communist at the time, lost in the early stages of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.