Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flirty TV Reporter Ines Sainz

Luke Ford writes:

Jemele Hill on ESPN’s First Take says today she’s seen Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz acting in a flirty manner with football players. Her whole approach as a TV sports reporter is to flirt with her subjects. She does stories on such things as who has the biggest biceps in the NFL. To do the field research, she puts her hands on a lot of NFL biceps.

Ines Sainz says she was made to feel uncomfortable in the locker room. Well, duh! Here’s a flirty girl who’s all over NFL players and now she’s in a room with naked dudes she’s been flirting with.

Ines Sainz and other female reporters may not belong in a locker room filled with naked dudes. Male reporters don’t get to go into locker rooms filled with naked ladies. Why is that? Why don’t male reporters get to interview hot female tennis players when they’re naked? Why does this only go one way? Why is that OK?


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