Friday, May 21, 2010

Off The Derech IV

Luke Ford says:

Luke: “What were the most common things kids would say to you?”

Nataly: “It wasn’t what they would say. They would just ignore me… Just stares and eye rolls and silent treatment. Just typical immature girl stuff.”

Luke: “How about the rabbis and the parents of your classmates? Did they make much effort to integrate you socially?”

Nataly: “I was always kinda acting up. The rabbis considered me a handful. I was failing. They were dealing with that. Socially, they never made an effort. I don’t have any memory of the other parents. I had a feeling that they told their kids to avoid me.”

Luke: “Did anyone say you should be in therapy?”

Nataly: “My parents didn’t believe in therapy. Maybe it’s a religious thing. Obviously the teachers suggested it.”

Luke: “At what age did you start thinking — my religion sucks?”

Nataly: “At a really early age, eight to ten. It was not for me. I never felt like I fit in with the religious people.”

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