Friday, May 21, 2010

Off The Derech V

Luke Ford says:

Luke: “Until what age did you live at this house?”

Nataly: “Possibly until I was 19. I’m 25 today.”

Luke: “Was there anything you loved about living there?”

Nataly: “Not at all.”

Luke: “Was there anything you loved about your childhood?”

Nataly: “My parents did the best they could. As far as childhood’s go, I’d categorize it as crappy… As I was growing up, I accepted it as that’s how life is.”

Luke: “Did the guys in this house, did they hit on you?”

Nataly: “Oh no. No, no, no. God no.”

Luke: “Why not?”

Nataly: “I don’t know. You’d think that two girls growing up in that situation that that might come up. Thank God it never did.”

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