Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding Orthodox Shul In San Fernando Valley

Luke Ford writes: Sara* emails: Mr. Ford,

Since your website is so comprehensive and otherwise helpful in navigating Jewish LA, I thought I would take a chance and ask you if you know of anything interesting going on at any shul in the valley. I’ve just moved here and would like to find a shul that is orthodox but tolerant, spirited, and not geriatric. Does such a place exist on this side of the hill? Does anyone do a Carlebach minyan, or have you heard of any independent minyanim? It seems to me that there’s basically just Persian shuls in Tarzana, Conservative shuls in Encino, Chabad in Sherman Oaks, and Shaarei Tzedek in Valley Village. I would be so grateful for any leads you could offer me.

Luke says: I think that if you show up to Sharei Tzedek, you’ll find lots of different minyans there and info about other shuls/minyanim outside of that synagogue. It’s probably the best place to go to get a feel for shuls in the Valley. 

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