Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dennis Prager For President 2012

I’ve been waiting for Dennis Prager to run for president since 1989.

I’m excited that the big day is almost here.

I feel it in my bones. Dennis Prager is at the top of his game. He is as eloquent and clear-thinking as he has ever been. He seems filled with energy and drive.

People of the world, Dennis Prager is the change you’ve been waiting for.


This past weekend, after President Obama addressed the annual retreat of Republican Members of the House, I, along with my Salem Radio colleague Hugh Hewitt, and John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, were also invited to address them.

I have never been as proud to be a Republican as I have this past year with your unanimity in opposing Obamacare and the other bills that would transform America. Please know — you need this feedback — that your having been able to stand together and do this has been a luminous moment in Republican Party history.



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