Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heshy Fried - Frum Satire 9

Luke Ford says:

Heshy Fried operates FrumSatire.net.

“Two things worked against me. I had a father who was very disengaged from anything that happened after 1955 and I had a yeshiva that didn’t want you to go to college. They wanted you to learn in yeshiva. Kids went to college and got their BTLs, their Bachelors in Talmud Law. And then they got their Masters in Talmudic Studies. And then they taught in a yeshiva.

“My yeshiva wasn’t discouraging of college. They offered AP courses and they offered SATs. Some yeshivas, you take the SATs and they throw you out. There are girls there! How can you go there? It will take you from holiness to BS.”

Luke: “When was the happiest time of your life?”

Heshy: “Right now. I’m having a great time. It always gets better.”

Luke: “What do you love about your life right now?”

Heshy: “I’m in love with a girl. That’s nice. It’s the first time I’m really confident in a relationship. I’m living in the West. That’s been a dream for a long time. I’m living in the Bay Area. I’ve had some ego boosts in the past few weeks. I’m writing one of the most popular Jewish websites.”

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