Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crowd Music Funding With Microfundo

Luke Ford writes:

On March 4, I call Brad Powell, the man behind

Brad: “ is crowd funding for musicians. Music from everywhere. Music from all over the world. That’s our focus. The idea is to help talented artists engage with a fan base that would like their music if they only knew about it.

“We work with artists from different backgrounds and enable them to meet and engage with and develop relationships with fans who are interested in their music and in supporting their career.

“Crowd funding has recently become popular. The models out there are well known such asKIVA (micro-financing online for entrepreneurs in developing countries). People seeking this funding often get money raised for them within 24 hours. KIVA is transferring a million or two each week using this method.

“A similar model has become popular with an organization called KickStarter.”

According to KickStarter, “We’re the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world.”

Brad: “They’re doing something like $5 million a month.

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