Friday, January 8, 2010

Attention Vs. Love

Mary: Maybe it’s the holidays but the extracarricular flirting is reaching critical mass.

Mary: And it’s fun and long-distance, so why stop?

Mary: But since nothing fun is right, it must be wrong.

Mary: Right?

YourMoralLeader: flirting on whose part?

YourMoralLeader: yeah, it is not good, drains your sexual essence

Mary: Others start it, I feed it.

Mary: And feed on it.

Mary: I absolutely live on adoration. I’m an addict. Attention is my drug of choice.

YourMoralLeader: Attention is our substitute for love

Mary: That’s just it, it’s not. It’s all part of it. I love and am loved but it’s never enough. I think “attention whore” is a pretty good descriptor. After all, people ‘pay’ attention, and the result is an almost sexual thrill. Or an actual sexual thrill, depending on the attention paid.



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