Monday, January 4, 2010

Operation Optimism: An Interview II

My New Jersey friend Alec Borenstein is an attorney and a life coach.

He has this Facebook group “Operation Optimism.”

“We’re constantly bombarded with negative imagery,” says Alec. “If you just watch the 11pm news, you will see that almost every story is about what we should be afraid of, what we should run from. All these different ways of closing ourselves off as people. With Operation Optimism, I want to create a community of people who focus on what is going well in the world.”

I interview Alec at my hovel on Sunday.

“We’re not going to be unreasonably optimistic,” he says. “The idea is to understand the reality of our situation and to change it, to move towards a more positive direction.”

“If you focus on what is going well in your life, you can change more effectively.”

Alec’s father Abraham is also an attorney as well as a Broadway producer.



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