Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Yoga Idol-Worship?

Oy! The Lubavitcher rebbe said that all forms of yoga (in addition to transcendental meditation) are not kosher.

Oy! Why does this have to come up now? I quite enjoy going to Chabad. Oy!

Beth comments: “Do you follow the Lubavitcher rebbe? I’m pretty sure lusting after shiksas isn’t kosher either.”

Beth, in your morally degraded state, you do not understand that for me shiksas are purely a form of exercise. Practice, as it were, for the real thing that awaits me on the Great Day.

Many shiksas argue these days that they are just archetypal principles, but any third-grader in Hebrew school will tell you that they are idols. Veneration and offerings are unacceptable. I avoid shiksas where the shiksa is too into the mythos.



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